Various Photography Earth Best Photos
Various Photography Earth Favorite Photos
6/3/2015 Residence Ithaca, NY Baby Bird
9/2012 - 11/2012 Residence Ithaca, NY Painting
4/30/2011 - 5/1/2011 Photography Ithaca Dave, Jake
4/20/2011 Photography Stewart Park Zach
7/28/2010 Residence Ithaca, NY Deer
4/30/2010 - 5/2/2010 Backpacking Finger Lakes Trail, Lick Brook and Treman Raghu, Charlotte, Drew, Ryan, Aidan, Jessica, Danielle, Joel, Courtney, Theresa, Connie, Jenny, Esther, Valerie
4/24/2009 - 4/26/2009 Backpacking Van Lone Loop, Connecticut Hill Raghu, Carly, Ben, Ben, Cooper, Alex, Tami, Jade
12/18/2008 Photography Ithaca Hailey
12/1/2007 - 12/2/2007 Photography Ithaca Jen, Amy and all the Ithaca Circus Performers
10/5/2007 - 10/9/2007 Backpacking Pharaoh Lake Wilderness, Adirondacks Beth, Floris, Jess, Rachel, Helle, Jenny, Dustin, Lisa, Sam, Jessica, Agnes
4/20/2007 - 4/22/2007 Backpacking Buttermilk Falls, Lick Brook Floris, Julia, Heather
January 2003 Residence Ithaca, NY Lance
12/24/2001 onward Residence Ithaca, NY Josh, Jinmi, Joanna, Jill, Mandel, Lance
April, 2001 Photography Alexandria, VA
2/1999 - 9/2001 Residence Alexandria, VA