Climbing --- 10/11/2019 - 10/15/2019 --- Gunks

Fall Break Gunks Class

Driest Gunks class ever. Perfect weather for four days.

Day 1: Climbed Layback, Disneyland, and Yankee Clipper with Nico and Supriya

Day 2: Gave Thomas and Nico the anchor challenge on Jackie and the rappel challenge on Ursula

Day 3: Thomas and Sae Na climbed Finger Locks, Ribs, and Bunny

Day 4: Madame G, Finger Locks, and Red Cabbage Right with Matt and Ai

A Funky Ode to the Gunks

Sit back and relax, and let me tell you all
A story about how I took a fall this fall
Actually, many falls; they were big, not small
They were on some rocks outside, not on a wall

It was mid-October, when we took a trip to the Gunks
In a van we went, in total, nine punks
Needless to say, my ego has shrunk
But all in all, there was pizazz! There was spunk!

First on my list, we have sweet Jeff
Not only a master climber, but a master chef
Thank you for getting all the cams I left
Of all your many attributes, I'd produce a PDF

Then we have Dr. Inman, aka James,
a sleep-loving man who goes by many names
For all your climbing prowess, you deserve more fame
To you, I'd sell my Crocs and several insurance claims

And last but not least, we have sensei Drake
In age, you are young, but in skill, you are not fake
Under your feet, the rocks seem to quake
For you, I would bake a breakfast Oreo cake

Perhaps writing this poem to thank you was not smart,
But thus ends my ode--nay, my art
And even though now, we do have to part
Forever and ever, you will stay in my heart ❤


My gorgeous new rappel anchor on Ursula (Category:  Climbing)

My gorgeous new rappel anchor on Ursula    Gunks -- 10/13/2019

Matt and Ai on Madame G (Category:  Climbing)

Matt and Ai on Madame G    Gunks -- 10/15/2019