Biking --- 7/6/2018 - 7/9/2018 --- Ithaca

Mike and Beth come to visit. We enjoy two long rides at Shindagin, a trip to the farmer's market, and pick far far too many cherries. Guy and his dad stop by for a quick visit. I also head out of town (in the middle of their visit? how rude!) to see lots of family in Esperance. Oh... and Joanna and her family are in Ithaca. Kinda crazy busy!
Ride #1 (Category:  Biking)

Ride #1    Shindagin -- 7/6/2018

Ride #2. (Category:  Biking)

Ride #2. We pretty much hit every trail at Shindagin between the two days. Except the closed trails in the southwest corner. I'd like to ride the entire trail system in a day some time. But not when it is this hot.    Shindagin -- 7/8/2018

Cherries (Category:  Biking)

Cherries    Top Secret -- 7/8/2018