Party --- 9/25/2015 --- Ithaca

With the release of Reel Rock 10, I now have an Erdös-Bacon number of 8!

In Reel Rock 10, I appear with Alex Honnold, who was in Reel Rock 9 with Peter Sarsgaard, who appeared in Black Mass with Kevin Bacon. Giving me a Bacon number of 3.

My paper Physical Volume Library Deadlock Avoidance in a Striped Media Environment was published at the Symposium on Mass Storage Systems with Mark Gary. He published with Mark K. Seager (Cooperative High-Performance Storage in the Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative) who published with Daniel K. Beece (An Overview of the BlueGene/L Supercomputer) who published with Gabriel M. Silberman (SLS A Fast Switch-Level Simulator) who published with Paul Erdös (Minimum-Diameter Cyclic Arrangements in Mapping DataFlow Graphs onto VLSI Arrays). Which gives me an Erdös number of 5.

You might want to point out that since I'm not credited in IMDB for Reel Rock 10, then I don't actually have a Bacon number. But that would make me want to point out that you are a jerk. So there.

My big screen debut in Reel Rock 10. (Category:  Party)

All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my closeup.

My big screen debut in Reel Rock 10.

Guy, Cat, Adam, Harris, Dave and I can be seen several times throughout the movie.    Jasper, Arkansas -- 9/25/2015