Party --- 7/2/2013 - 7/4/2013 --- Ithaca

Guy and Cat come to town. No climbing because of the rain. Plenty of acroyoga. Which is a good way to get injured, BTW. And pancakes. And youtube videos. We are pretty lame without climbing. We did go slacklining. And ate dinner at Stewart Park. So that was something.
Acroyoga (Category:  Party)

Acroyoga    Ithaca -- 7/3/2013

Egg-free oat muffins!!! (Category:  Party)

Egg-free oat muffins!!!

1.5C Quick Oats
1.5C Flour
1/3C Sugar
1T   Baking Powder
1oz  Oil
1t   Vanilla
1C   Milk

Top with:
1/3C Flour
1/3C Quick Oats
1/3C Sugar
2T   Butter

Bake in greased cupcake tin at 400F for 20 minutes.
   Ithaca -- 7/3/2013