Rock Climbing --- 9/23/2011 - 9/25/2011 --- Rumney

Very wet trip to Rumney. I drove down Friday via the Gunks where I set tents for IORC. Drove through lots of rain. Saturday morning everything was soaked. I went to the Rumney library for a few hours (it was lovely!) then everyone showed up to climb. We hiked up to Jimmy Cliff thinking the more exposed rock would be dry. It was dry-ish. We set topropes on Lonesome Dove, Junco, and The Nuthatch. I climbed all three and did a lap on the arete on the right side of The Nuthatch, but left of Hammond Organ. It was a fun climb and I was psyched to get it clean on toprope. Probably goes at 5.10b when dry.

Everyone was staying at D Acres and I joined them for dinner. D Acres is an amazing place and we all prepared a spectacular multi-course meal. I'd definitely stay there in the future (if I'm not sleeping in my car in the Rumney parking lot). They allow camping for $10/person/night. It isn't the cheapest place but it has a really nice vibe to it.

Sunday the rock still wasn't dry. We went to Main Cliff where I led Big Easy and Toxic Gumbo, both new climbs for me. Will joined us for most of the day. He set a toprope on Little Big Man (5.11b) and I did it with one hang even though most of the climb was soaking wet (key holds were dry though). Climbed Gold Digger to clean the anchors, then led Armed and Dangerous... one of my favorite climbs at Rumney.

Done for the day, everyone departed for home. Except me, I continued east to Boston (that's the next album on this site).

Thanks to Chris for most of the photos.

The crew at Jimmy Cliff. (Category:  Rock Climbing)

The crew at Jimmy Cliff.    Rumney -- 9/24/2011

Kate on The Nuthatch. (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Kate on The Nuthatch.    Rumney -- 9/24/2011

Kurt on Junco. (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Kurt on Junco.    Rumney -- 9/24/2011

Diane (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Diane    Rumney -- 9/24/2011

Ian on Junco. (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Ian on Junco.    Rumney -- 9/24/2011

Julia on Junco. (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Julia on Junco.    Rumney -- 9/24/2011

Everyone at D Acres. (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Everyone at D Acres. Kurt, Julia, Nicole, Chris, Ian, Yamin, Mike, Diane, Kate, Tim, Nick, Jeff    Rumney -- 9/24/2011

Nicole, Ian, Mike (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Nicole, Ian, Mike    Rumney -- 9/24/2011

Nicole at Main Cliff. (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Nicole at Main Cliff.    Rumney -- 9/25/2011