Party --- 7/20/2011 --- Ithaca

Emily is back! We eat at Moe's, see the final Harry Potter, go for LOTS of bike rides, cook tons of food, go to a huge art festival, check out the farmer's market and the commons, have a Shabbat dinner with Marissa, Annie and their friends. We have amazing Trini food: yam puffs and a dahl & roti picnic at both Ithaca Shakespeare Company productions: As You Like It (my second time) and A Midsummer Night's Dream. So I actually saw four Shakespeare plays this summer! I'm cultured like yogurt! Guy comes for the weekend and we swim at Six Mile and attempt a trip to the Gunks but are thwarted by weather. Ithaca experiences a heat wave with temperatures reaching 100F. We drink gallons of lemonade.
Dahl, Roti and Pumpkin! (Category:  Party)

Dahl, Roti and Pumpkin!    Ithaca -- 7/20/2011

Waffles! (Category:  Party)

Waffles!    Ithaca -- 7/20/2011

Challah we made for Shabbat.  Turned out awesome! (Category:  Party)

Challah we made for Shabbat. Turned out awesome!    Ithaca -- 7/22/2011

Emily's flawless chainring tattoo. (Category:  Party)

Emily's flawless chainring tattoo.    Ithaca -- 7/29/2011