Rock Climbing --- 9/10/2010 - 9/12/2010 --- Gunks

Gunks staff training

Drove down Friday night. On Saturday, Alex, Ariel and I climbed Tipsy Trees, Minty and Ribs. At the end of the day I followed Josh's lead of CC Route. Tipsy Trees and CC Route were both new climbs for me.

Sunday I climbed with James and Harrison. We did Finger Locks or Cedar Box, Madame G's and the start of Something Interesting. Came down when it started raining, but the weather passed quickly so we kept climbing. We did Apoplexy and then I climbed Coronary (another new climb for me) off that toprope.

Good trip. First time in ages I've spent a weekend at the Gunks without leading a single pitch!

Keith, Arielle and Shay (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Keith, Arielle and Shay    Gunks -- 9/10/2010

Sarah (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Sarah    Gunks -- 9/10/2010