Party --- 11/11/2008 --- Ithaca

Yeah... why have I been such a slacker at updating the party section of my web page? There were a dozen game nights last year and I didn't take pictures at any? Ok, now I'm having to make updates one handed. For those who didn't know, back in August I destroyed the labrum in my left shoulder while climbing. Surgery was the only solution. So now more party updates and no climbing updates for six months.

Too bad I don't have photos of my Tigger costume from Halloween. Jen helped me make it last year (thanks!) but it never got out of the house because I was miserably ill. So Tigger made his bouncy fun fun fun appearance this year at Josh's house. We had a movie night to watch Dark Knight (Guy, Jess, Mike, Beth, Marci, Dan) then a game night (Guy, Jess, Mike, Beth, Greg, Jen, Lars) and a post-surgery movie night to watch Wall-E (Emily, Guy, Jess, Mike, Tonic) and eat cookies (thanks Emily's mom!) and banana bread (thanks Tonic!). There was also a movie night for Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Not to mention a bunch of great dinners at Whitby. Two nights ago I went to a fun potluck at 801 (not even going to try to list everyone). Then last night Lars and Jen fed me dinner while Ragu and I beat them at spades, euchre and taboo.

Phew! Caught up... more or less. I'll try to be more comprehensive in the future. Or at least for the next six months.

Injecting the contrasting agent into my shoulder. (Category:  Party)

Injecting the contrasting agent into my shoulder. This was actually taken during the MRI three weeks before the surgery.    Ithaca -- 10/21/2008