Rock Climbing --- 10/17/2008 - 10/19/2008 --- Gunks

Gunks staff training. Friday night we watched the Reel Rock Film Festival that the COC brought to Cornell, then went to Josh's house where Kristin made us pumpkin cobbler and pumpkin ice cream. Drove down to the Gunks very early Saturday morning. Andy and I climbed Madame G's and Asphodel (hehe... I said "ass") then everyone did some bouldering. After leaving the Gunks, we spent 90 minutes looking for free camping in the Vernooy Kill State Forest. Sunday Jake and I climbed Beginner's Delight, Snooky's Return, Strictly From Nowhere and Fancy Idiot. Then back to Ithaca.

As always when I teach, no pictures. But I have to include one to keep the software happy.

Reel Rock Film Fest (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Reel Rock Film Fest    Ithaca -- 10/17/2008