Rock Climbing --- 10/10/2008 - 10/14/2008 --- Gunks

Xylophone committed suicide by jumping off the great wall of china during a typhoon? With an umbrella?

Gunks class had a somewhat inauspicious start with our stolen nutella being unstolen. But things improved from there. We had four days of beautiful weather, spectacular climbing, and very difficult puzzles. I didn't keep track of what everyone climbed, but this is what I climbed:

Saturday, climbing with Ryan: Minty, Credibility Gap to Asphodel (made quota!), Snooky's, finishing the day with a TR on Phoebe.
Sunday, climbing with Mike B: Te Dum, Disneyland, Yellow Ridge, Layback, finishing the day with a TR on Junior and Laurel
Monday, climbing with Ryan and Jon: High Exposure, Strictly From Nowhere, finishing the day with some bouldering and a TR on Pebbles
Tuesday, climbing with Mike H: Birdland, Disneyland (my first multipitch sport climb at the Gunks), then back to Colorful Crack for lessons in ascending, munter hitch, and cleaning anchors

With that we loaded the van and drove back to Ithaca... with a quick stop for pizza and ice cream.

And a summary of the puzzles:
   100 prisoners in a line with black or white hats, from back to front how many can you guarantee know the color of their hat?
   5 pirates and 100 gold pieces. The most senior pirate proposes dividing the gold. If his proposal is voted down, he is killed and the process continues. Pirates prefer zero gold to death, and prefer to kill other pirates.
   2 red, white and blue balls, one each heavy and light. Identify all balls using two weighings on a balance scale.
   3 bags of balls -- red, blue and mixed -- labeled incorrectly. How many balls do you have to pick to fix the labels.
   3 airplanes can only land and refuel at the north pole. Each holds enough fuel to make it to the south pole. With three planes (no crashing allowed) and the ability to transfer fuel mid-air, how can one plane fly around the world.
   1000 bottles of wine, one is poisoned. You have ten rats, and the poison takes an hour to kill a rat. How many bottles of wine can you guarantee are safe within one hour.
   Monkey's World
   Story time
   The series: 8 15 47 9 1 3 12
   The series: 11 12 13 14 15 21 23
   Time 15 minutes from two pieces of rope which each burn in 60 minutes at a non-linear rate.
   100 prisoners. Determine when all have been in a room using a single light switch.
   3 bulbs and 3 switches in separate rooms. Determine which switch controls which bulb by walking to the bulb room once.
   1000 cards with 10 face up and 990 face down. Without seeing the cards, separate them into piles with equal number of face up cards.
   A cube made up of 10x10x10 smaller cubes is dipped in paint. How many smaller cubes will have some paint on them?

I didn't bring my camera, so the pictures are Mike's that I grabbed off facebook.

Guy was our Top (rope) Gun. (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Guy was our Top (rope) Gun.    Gunks -- 10/10-10/14/2008

Guy (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Guy    Gunks -- 10/10-10/14/2008

Ryan (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Ryan    Gunks -- 10/10-10/14/2008

Mike (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Mike    Gunks -- 10/10-10/14/2008

Mike (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Mike    Gunks -- 10/10-10/14/2008

Mike (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Mike    Gunks -- 10/10-10/14/2008

Jon (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Jon    Gunks -- 10/10-10/14/2008

J-Mo, Mike, Guy, Jon (Category:  Rock Climbing)

J-Mo, Mike, Guy, Jon    Gunks -- 10/10-10/14/2008