Rock Climbing --- 9/1/2005 - 9/4/2005 --- Gunks

COE Rock Staff training at the Gunks. Heidi and I went down Thursday night and set tents for everyone at four sites in the multi-abuse. On Friday we climbed Boston, Ken's Crack, Easy O, RMC, and Betty. Then we met up with Burk, Miriam and Lauren and climbed Laurel with them. So I did six climbs for the day including four I had never climbed before (Boston, Easy O, RMC and Betty). RMC is a great climb for the grade -- three fun pitches. Dick only gives it one star, but I'd say at least two.

The blue tailed skinks were out all day. These are gorgeous little lizards with brilliant blue tails. I never managed a decent picture. Curses!

We were climbing Laurel until after dark, then we met up with Paul and Becky and hiked out. We found a HUGE porcupine while hiking out. We all went swimming at split rock. Then Heidi and I went back to the multi-abuse and got there just before COE arrived.

Saturday I took Stacey and Roman up Beginner's Delight, their first multi-pitch climb. Always fun. It took a long time. After that we just had time to TR Herdie Gerdie, then meet everyone else. I went for a quick swim while everyone else went to New Paltz. I bought myself dinner (a pint of frozen yogurt and chocolate covered almonds) from the organic food store, then met most of the crew at the pizza place where I had to give them $10 so they could pay for their meal. After dinner everyone went swimming. I came along, but didn't feel the need to swim again since I was clean and the water was freezing.

Sunday I was climbing with Katie. We swung leads on RMC, then climbed Jackie. Katie led most of Bunny, which is the hardest climb she has ever led. I finished it and traversed to set an anchor on Retribution. Katie managed to get up Retribution after struggling for a long time at the crux. I was hot and tired and didn't really care to climb. But I decided to give it one attempt. I came off at the crux and just came down and pulled the rope. We had about 20 minutes before we needed to meet everyone, so Katie and I went for a quick swim. That felt way better than climbing Retribution. After that we met everyone at the Trapps and Peter's Kill, then Heidi and Jen and I drove back to Ithaca.

Heidi and me (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Heidi and me    Gunks -- 9/1/2005

Burk climbing Laurel with one hand. (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Burk climbing Laurel with one hand.    Gunks -- 9/1/2005

Roman at the top of Beginner's Delight. (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Roman at the top of Beginner's Delight.    Gunks -- 9/2/2005

Stacey at the top of Beginner's Delight. (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Stacey at the top of Beginner's Delight.    Gunks -- 9/2/2005

Katie climbing. (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Katie climbing.    Gunks -- 9/3/2005

Katie leading Bunny. (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Katie leading Bunny.    Gunks -- 9/3/2005

Carla, Anna and Mark. (Category:  Rock Climbing)

Carla, Anna and Mark.    Gunks -- 9/3/2005