Party --- 1/3/2004 - 1/11/2004 --- Ithaca, NY

Wilderness First Responder Class, from Wilderness Medical Associates (taught by Phil and Alice). Great class, bitter cold. Our night simulation was during the coldest night of the year -- approximately -20F.
WFR class photo. (Category:  Party)

WFR class photo.

From top to bottom:
Nate, Terry, Rich, Wendy, Scott, Alana, Mark, Mariah, Dave
Jon, Anna, Jeff, Ward, Judy, Jay, Randy, John, Ben, Alice
Liz, Jamie, Mark, Melissa, Zack, Wes, Gabby
Bill, Beth, Jeff, Jordie, Phil, Phil
   Ithaca, NY -- 1/3/2004-1/11/2004