Family --- 5/9/2003 - 5/11/2003 --- Catskill Mountains, NY

Brett and Sherri's wedding.

I have to tell you how thrilled I am to have a brand new sister. My brother Brett married Sherri on May 10th. It was a fun wedding in the Catskills. Lots of time for the two families and all the friends to get to know each other. Brett and I are trading retired status; as I am starting work, he and Sherri are taking off for a year long trip around the world.

Returning home Sunday after the wedding, I did a quick hike along Giant's Ledge trail in the Catskills. Very steep hike -- something like 2000 elevation gain in 1.5 miles. I'm told the views are stunning. All I saw was the backlog of rain which had been held up for two days by the wedding.

Brett and Sherri's Wedding. (Category:  Family)

Brett and Sherri's Wedding.    Catskill Mountains, NY -- 5/9/2003 - 5/11/2003

Family photo. (Category:  Family)

Family photo.    Catskill Mountains, NY -- 5/9/2003 - 5/11/2003